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Create stunning restaurant menus in < 5 minutes

Delightful software for building and hosting restaurant menus

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Efficiency boost

You’ll love our simple and fast menu editor

Think of Today’s Menu as Google Docs for restaurant menus. Keep working drafts, duplicate menus, and publish when ready. We’ll make sure your entrees load fast and look amazing on any device.

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Shareable and embeddable

Create as many menus as you need. One for happy hour, special events, beer and wine lists, or just make one menu to rule them all.

Menu hosting is on us

Send customers to your menu’s public link, or seamlessly embed menus directly on your site with a little HTML

QR codes for in-store scanning

Print QR codes for any of your menus so your customers can quickly see what’s on the menu

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Match your branding

Whether using our hosted links or embedding menus on your site, you can choose styles to match your desired look and feel.

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Plans & Features

Monthly Billing
Yearly Billing
Unlimited menus
Hosted links / embed on your site
Menus limited to 10 items
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Saving 33%
$4/month paid annually
Unlimited menus
Hosted links / embed on your site
Unlimited menu items
QR codes
Support multiple languages
Remove “powered by” marks

We’re here to support you

Video tutorials will guide you through any questions you have. And of course, you can always reach out to us for a speedy response.

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